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History of School 7

History of School 7

 During the years following the American Civil War, the "Stony Road" section of Paterson began developing. The main industry in this area for many years was the Barnes Chemical Works located at Carlisle Avenue and the old Morris Canal. As homes were built and the number of families increased, it was apparent that a school was needed for this area.

 powerhouse-fallsDuring 1873-74, the city of Paterson built a public school in the "Stony Road" section of Paterson. This was the first School No. 7, and it contained a primary and a grammar department. The school building was built on West 27th Street (Carlisle Ave.) and was situated 250 feet from West 18th Street (Nagle St.). Today, St. John Sebian Orthodox Church occupies the old school site.

 The school was ready for use in 1874. Mr. Isaac B. Condit was the first principal at a salary of $600.00 per annum. Two teachers were also assigned; namely, Miss Phoebe A. Barnes and Miss Josie Barnes at $400.00 and $375.00 per annum respectively. Most of the teachers in those days were unmarried women and were to remain so, or lose their jobs.

 paterson fallsDuring the 1880s, Mr. Abraham G. Tyerson was principal and needed two more teachers. During the late 1880s and early 1890s, Mr. William S. Twitchell was principal; in 1896, Miss Eunice E. Mann was principal.

 The new School No. 7 has been in use since 1921. Scores of teachers and principals over the years have worked diligently to prepare thousands of students to face the world and realities of life.

From the archives of Mr. Vincent D. Waraski (Paterson Historian)