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Student Government

School 7 Student Government Association


Advisors: Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Brink


     School #7 provides students an opportunity to participate in the governance of the school and to learn how a democracy operates.  The SGA sponsors various activities for the student body, promotes school spirit, provides for community service, and addresses issues that are relevant to middle school life.  The SGA is composed of four elected officers and representatives from each of the homerooms. 

     The SGA:

  • Gives students practice in democracy and leadership.
  • Creates an avenue for students to voice and address student concerns and to take responsibility in their school lives.
  • Provides an opportunity to work cooperatively with teachers and administrators on issues that affect school life and to exchange and consider new ideas.
  • Provides an opportunity to plan and organize activities and projects which advance the social climate of the school and promote school spirit.
  • Teaches and fosters civic responsibility, character education, community service, and modeling of core values.